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Our Sunlitsoft Chairman Sir message:

I am Raghvendra Nath Jha, hope we are knowing, I am Founder, Owner and Chairman of Sunlitsoft.
Here I Raghvendra Nath Jha am apologized and want to inform you, our Sunlitsoft General store services unit have been shut down due to resources not available. Hope we are knowing, our another Sunlitsoft services will not affected from shut down Sunlitsoft General Store.
I am deeply apologized for our valuable Sunlitsoft Client, Sunlitsoft Customer and more who interact directly or indirectly with Sunlitsoft General Store services. Hope Sunlitsoft will get resources in future and we get Sunlitsoft General Store services. Thank you very much for given some space to me for explain about my apologized for shut down Sunlitsoft General Store services unit.

Best Regards,
Raghvendra Nath Jha
(Founder, Owner and Chairman of Sunlitsoft)

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